No divinatory reading is a substitute for your own god given free will! Humans are complex beings and the future is never set in stone for these reasons, DO NOT take any information given in our sessions as the 100% truth. Take everything with a grain of salt, take your time, and consult many different sources such as friends, family members, mentors, and mental health professionals (not just woo woo’s like us) before making important life decisions. Our services are meant to provide insight and reflection upon your life to help you come to your truth and move toward a place of greater happiness. 

Never forget all humans are given the gift of intuition and as spiritual beings we are all directly connected to and inseparable from our divine source. You can access the fountain of wisdom yourself. Everything you need and all the answers are already within you. Trust. 

Lastly, if you are deep in struggle, in a dark place, or even just having a hard time, please, please reach out and find professional help. There are so many loving, listening, well equipped souls who have dedicated years of their lives to understanding and applying what science has taught us about psychological, emotional, and physical healing. We now know how childhood trauma (any trauma) can literally be stuck in the body and patterned in the mind (read “The Body Keeps the Score” by Bessel Vonder Kolk). If you have experienced trauma such as sexual, physical, verbal, and emotional abuse, you may be incapable of changing the patterns of your life without professional help. Don’t forget, the earthly sciences are divine too. There are agencies, non profits, and governmental assistance to help you find and pay for therapy if you feel you cannot afford it. 

You deserve to heal. You deserve a better life. You have a purpose here. You have gifts to help the world and above all you are worthy of love no matter what. 



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